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Humanoid Art Sculpture Holding Ball Floor Lamp

Humanoid Art Sculpture Holding Ball Floor Lamp

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This humanoid sculpture floor lamp shows a person firmly cradling balls of light, refusing to let them fall. The design elements of this piece help create a humbling imagery with feet planted firmly on the ground, back bent at an angle, and arms outstretched, expressing the resilience of this sculpture.

There are two variations of this design. The first showcases the subject leaning forward to carry the weight of the lights. The second features a more dramatic, leaned-back position. Both humanoid sculpture floor lamps are available in 80cm x 180cm and 65cm x 160cm measurements.  The fourth, displays an elegant female cradling the bulbs, while displaying her strong and beautiful features.

Enjoy this unique floor lamp wherever you need an impactful, artistic glow. From living spaces to conference rooms, this sculpture is meant to inspire you while providing essential bright light.

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